4 IN 1 Training Collar - Up to 2 Dogs - Battery Operated - Working Range up to 300 Metre's


Are you having difficulty controlling your dogs behaviour? Are you finding it difficult to train him/her using orthodox methods? You are not alone. Many dogs simply do not respond to traditional training methods which is why thousands of owners and professional trainers have used training collars to assist them in their training programs. As we all know an out of control dog can be a nuisance but most of all a danger to themselves and others. This training collar will make you more of a responsible pet owner and can help you achieve a well trained and contented dog within days.


Product Description:

- This LCD display 4 in 1 training collar allows you to have full control over your dogs when they are up to 300 meters away from you.

- When your dog is wearing the collar receiver using the remote handset you can select Static Impulse - Vibration – Warning Tone - Light.

- From the remote you can change the level of static impulse or vibration that you issue your dog from 1 to 100 via up/down arrows on the LCD screen.

- You can also send a warning tone to the collar receiver to warn or call your dog or by issuing a warning vibration which will train your dog to associate the tone or vibration with the static impulse. In the end, the tone will achieve the same effect as the vibration or static impulse.

- This will quickly and effectively curb the improper deeds of your dog.

- Train two dogs at the same time (extra collar optional)



- The strong static impulse can penetrate the hair and fabric of your dog within 6 mm thick. It is unnecessary to let the discharging points touch the skin of your dog. Therefore it is both safe and comfortable for your dog.

- Both the static impulse and vibration are set with automatic stop functions. This is for not reprimanding the dog continuously or to over stimulate.

- Adjustable collar receiver strap and changeable contact probes to suit your dogs breed and size. (collar strap can be easily changed to one of your choice)

- Both remote transmitter and collar receiver have automatic power save features to conserve battery life when not in use.

- LED torch light on the remote handset and light on the collar receiver to help locate your dog in the dark.

- Train two dogs at the same time as the remote handset can support up to two collar receivers.

- Remote handset has 2 different channels, so that you can train 2 dogs separate.

- Rheostat dial allows for gradual adjustment in stimulation intensity.

- 100 levels of vibration + 100 levels of static impulse.

- LCD Monitor Display + belt clip on remote.

- Signal is also effective through walls.

- Fully weather resistant.


Specifications – Collar Receiver

- Dimensions (approx): LxDxW 60 mm x 30 mm x 33 mm

- Adjustable collar length (approx): 20 to 56 cm

- Weight (approx): 40g


Specifications – Remote Handset

- Dimensions (approx): LxDxW 80 mm x 22 mm x 45 mm

- Weight (approx): 50g


Package Contents:

- 1 x LCD digital remote handset

- 1 x Collar receiver

- 1 x Adjustable nylon collar

- 2 x Metal contact probes (large or long haired dog)

- 2 x Metal contact probes (small or short haired dog)

- 1 x User manual (English)

- 1 x Test bulb





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