Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Control Collar ( for small dogs )

No Electric Shock needed to stop nuisance barking!

** Keep your Neighbours happy by training your dog to stop barking now! **


Product Description:

This Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Control Collar is a new advanced behaviour modification device designed to help train your dog to stop barking. A safe, humane and effective way to stop unwanted barking. Whenever the dog barks, the collar has a sensor that detects the vibration of the barking. It then sends out an ultrasonic whistle pitch, only audible to the dog. The ultrasonic whistle irritates the dog in proportion to the persistence of his barking therefore forcing your dog to stop barking.

Your dog will naturally seek to avoid correction therefore associating every bark with an irritating whistle pitch.

Note: The ultrasonic pitch is designed to be completely harmless to both you and your dog.



- High quality assurance

- Small size and lightweight

- With ultrasonic and audible mode selections

- Humane, safe and highly efficient

- Triggered accurately by bark vibration, the ultrasonic sound from the collar reinforces behaviour.

- Guaranteed not to activate by other dogs barking.

- On/Off switch & LED indicator

- High/Low setting: adjust the collars sensitivity

- Audible sound and ultrasonic tone to stop barking

- No electric shock, harmless to both you and your dog

- Water resistant design

- Most effective for small and medium sized dogs (but can stop large dogs too) 



- Adjustable stretch collar to suit most dogs  

- Powered by two button batteries (included)

- Colour: white with black collar

- Dimensions (approx): 65 x 15 x 65 mm

- Weight (approx): 25g


Package Contents:

- 1 x Ultrasonic Water Resistant Anti-Bark Collar

- 2 x Button Batteries

- 1 x User's Manual (English) 


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