Ultimate Rechargeable Anti Bark Shock Collar

** Have you had enough of your dogs nuisance barking **

Keep your Neighbours happy by training your dog to stop barking now!


Product Description:

This automatic anti-bark control collar introduces the most advanced anti-bark technology available on the market today. This unit is guaranteed to stop your dog barking within days. We have found this technique of progressively increasing sound, vibration and shock to be not only more humane, but more effective in breaking the barking habit than conventional shocking bark control collars.

Unique dog bark identification technology intelligently distinguishes excessive barking from normal behaviours such as scratching or running, and therefore prevents false triggering and makes the anti-bark collar more efficient and effective.

The collar features sound, vibration and progressive static stimulus (20 levels automatically programmed). The first bark will trigger a warning tone correction. If the dog barks again within the following 30 seconds, vibration correction will be released. With continued barking, a shock will be issued and will increase its intensity until the barking stops, at which point the corrections will automatically stop.

Your dog will naturally seek to avoid corrections as he will associate the tone command with a vibration or a shock, therefore your dog may never get a vibration or shock correction only a few times in the beginning of the training.

So basically you can let the collar do all the work!



- Three types of corrections: Tone, Vibration and 20 Levels of Progressive Static Stimulus.

- Rechargeable collar; saves you on batteries on the long run 

- Water resistant, rain, hail or snow will not affect operation.

- Automatically increases tone, vibration and shock stimuli as barking persists. 

- Voice Recognition feature minimizes false triggering from other dogs

- When the receiver is working, the indicator bulb will light automatically

- Auto-set memory feature which will stop at the right level of stimulation for your dog and protect him from over stimulation



- Collar unit size: 6.3cm x 3.6cm x 4cm (L*W*H)

- Weight (approx): 65g (with collar strap)

- Collar strap length (approx): adjustable from 26cm to 60cm

- Collar colour: blue or green depending on stock (can be changed to a collar of your choice)


Package Contents:

- 1 x Rechargeable Anti-Bark Control Shock Collar (in retail box)

- 1 x A/C charger power plug (Ireland & UK)

- 1 x User Manual (English)

- 1 x Mini screwdriver

- 1 x Testing bulb



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