NEW Battery Operated NoBark Collar

** Have you had enough of your dogs nuisance barking **

Keep your Neighbours happy by training your dog to stop barking now!


Product Description:

This Electronic Automatic Anti-Bark Dog Training Shock Collar is a training device to stop your dogs uncontrolled barking behaviour. In the training process every time your dog barks the collar first applies a warning tone followed by progressively increasing levels of tone and shock as your dogs barking persists, giving your dog plenty of warnings before it becomes anyway painful. If your dog is quiet for 30 seconds or more, the collar resets to the mildest correction level, this way, your dog need only experience the intense higher shock levels very few times before learning that the warning tone will follow with a mild shock stimulus and as a warning of the intense corrections that follow. With the two sensitivity adjust buttons, you can adjust the voice sensitivity to 6 different levels so that you can train your dog step by step according to his behaviour.

Your dog will naturally seek to avoid corrections as he will associate the tone command with a shock, therefore your dog may never get a shock correction only a few times in the beginning of your training.

So basically you can let the collar do all the work!



- Integration of static stimulation and tone command

- Controlled by a microprocessor which distinguishes your dog's bark from others nearby

- Automatically increases tone and shock stimuli as barking persists

- Adjustable collar to fit different dogs (can be changed to a collar of your choice) 

- High + Low buttons to adjust the voice sensitivity

- With LED flash signal test bulb, you can test the collar yourself 

- Weather Resistant Design

- Low battery consumption



- Power: 6 volt battery (included)

- Unit Dimensions (approx): 6.7 x 3.4 x 2.9 cm 

- Adjustable strap length (approx): 25 to 50 cm

- Weight (approx): 58g

- Collar colour: black or red depending on stock (can be changed to collar of your choice)


Package Contents:

- 1 x Anti-Bark Dog Training Shock Barking Collar

- 1 x Testing Bulb

- 1 x 6 volt battery

- 1 x User guide (English)


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